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Item #: EBTT-17-CT-VI
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Continuity Tester Tests Cords - Fuses - Light Bulbs - Ground Continuity (power off!)

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    A continuity test is used to check an electrical circuit to determine if electrical current is flowing. A continuity tester is used to test the source of electrical power and determine if a complete circuit is established between test leads. This pocket-size continuity tester is fast and easy to use, and can determine if electrical cords, fuses, light bulbs, and ground continuity are safe.

    • Inexpensive & easy to use
    • Tests Cords, Fuses, Light Bulbs & Ground Continuity
    • Tests for adequate electrical power
    • Made of molded, hard plastic
    • Tests two ends of wire to match current flow
    • Small, pocket size for easy transportation
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