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Solenoid Voltage/Continuity Tester Tests Volts 120-600V AC/DC - Continuity. Vibe/LED/Buzz Alerts

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    Solenoid Voltage/Continuity Tester Tests Volts 120-600V AC/DC - Continuity. This easy to use tester has Vibe/LED/Buzz Alerts to let you know if the electricity output has changed or is in need of attention. This solenoid voltage continuity tester is rugged, and can resist damage with rough handling or electrical overload. The voltage tester uses vibration and sound to indicate the amount of electrical current passing through it. This sensitivity means the tester can be felt as well as read, with higher readings indicating the highest amount of electrical current. The solenoid tester also has a continuity light that displays a closed contact and will show voltage presence when it’s open.

    Solenoid Voltage Continuity Testers:

    • Test volts 120-600V AC/DC
    • Useful for testing current in residual devices (GFCIs)
    • Includes a continuity test lamp function for easy reading
    • Made of lightweight, durable plastic
    • Quality electrical connectors are made to last

    Electrical Basics is your source for quality products used by professionals and homeowners alike. This easy to use voltage continuity tester gives you flexibility for testing current in both AC and DC applications. We have these in stock and ready for immediate delivery!