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Freeze, Flood, & Power Loss

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Automatic Phone-Out Freeze Monitor For Homes & Cabins
Price: $69.95
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Item #: EBPR-17-THP217 -

The Automatic Phone-Out Freeze Monitor calls up to five programmed phone numbers when the temperature drops below 42 F (5.5 C). The keypad base unit quickly plugs into both the phone line and electrical outlet. An internal sensor continually monitors the temperature of your home, cabin or cottage. The Automatic Phone-Out Freeze Monitor calls five programmed phone numbers of your choice anywhere in North America and alerts with a built-in 110dB tone alarm that a temperature problem exists. The...

Early Warning Sump Pump Alarm And Flood Alert
Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBPR-17-THP205 -

Extra Loud 105dB Alarm Sounds When Water In Basement Sump Crock Rises Above An Acceptable Level. Also Monitors For Flooding Anywhere In Your Home. Alarm Housing Can Be Kept Dry By Mounting On Wall Or Stud With Mounting Screws Provided. With The 6-Foot Sensor Wire The Water Detection Probe Suction Cup Can Be Mounted To Any Hard Surface Or Be Suspended To Desired Level In Sump Pump Crock With Weight Provided. Low Battery Signal. Requires 9-Volt Battery (Not Included).

Phone-In Freeze Detection Device
Price: $24.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBPR-17-THP208 -

Phone your home or cabin from anywhere to check for falling temperatures. Simply connect the phone-in Freeze Checker to any telephone system. Then simply call-in to check for low or falling temperature. If there is no problem, the phone will simply continue to ring. A tone on the line means there is a falling temperature or freeze condition. The compact unit has three temperature settings: 40*, 46* and 52* Degrees F. No batteries are required!

Power Failure Wallscreamer & Flashlight
Price: $15.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBPR-17-THP207 -

In The "Armed" Position This Compact Alarm Reacts To A Power Failure With A Pulsing 86dB Alarm Sound And An Activated Ultra-Bright Safety Flashlight. The Flashlight Provides Up To 8 Hours Of Light And Can Be Used Separately By Switching The Selector Switch To The "Light" Position. In The "Off" Position All Features Are Inactive. The Self-Charging Power Failure Alarm Plugs Into In Any 120V Outlet. CSA Certified.

Personal Cable Lock Sensor Alarm - Digital Wireless
Price: $19.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBPR-17-THP216 -

This versatile compact Personal Cable Lock Wireless Digital Sensor Alarm has many features to protect you and your belongings. It's an excellent protection device for travelers, hanging on a door or fastening to personal belongings.. With its programmable password, the cable lock alarm can be armed to activate a high pitched alarm sound when the cable is vibrated (tugged or pulled) or when the cable is cut. It also features a separate emergency PANIC button for personal safety. The Personal...