Receptacle Outlet Tester

Receptacle Outlet Tester

Item #: EBTT-17-RT-CA

Receptacle Tester 3-Wire


Receptacle Tester 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer 110-125V AC Tests for Proper Receptacle Wiring, including Polarity.

A receptacle outlet tester is used to verify that electrical wiring in an AC wall outlet working properly. The outlet tester is a power plug can perform many tests by plugging it into an outlet checking the current through a series of lights all at once. The receptacle outlet tester determines whether the outlet has power connected, and that the outlet is wired properly for safe operation.

  • Checks that live wire is connected, but the neutral or ground wire is not
  • Checks that each contact is connected to the proper wire in a buildings wiring
  • Verifies that an outlet can provide power to a device that is plugged into it
  • Easy to use, lights indicate that some voltage is present

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