LiteSmart Portable Safety Light

LiteSmart Portable Safety Light

Item #: EBPR-17-THP218

LiteSmart? Portable Safety Light


Made of heavy duty polycarbonate the LiteSmart is a totally unique home safety light that provides illumination only when motion is detected and the ambient light level is low. The wireless LED light provides up to 30,000 on/off cycles (250 hours cumulative) on three AA batteries. LiteSmart is great for bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, stairways, garages, kitchens, closets, travel, and any dark area or room where quick and convenient lighting is needed. The LiteSmart can be mounted on walls or placed freestanding on flat surfaces. With the three-way switch the LiteSmart can be set for continuous light (ON),, active motion-sensing mode (AUTO),, or fully off (OFF), position.


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