Cable Clamps Small Black, Nylon  .250 I.D. (1000/Bag)

Cable Clamps Small Black, Nylon .250 I.D. (1000/Bag)

Item #: EBCC-04-03-40-BK

Nylon Cable Clamps Small Black .250 I.D. (1000/Bag)

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One hole cable clamps are used to secure harnesses, tubing, wires, and cables to mounting surfaces. The flexible nylon clamp is easy to screw into a variety of penetrable mounting surfaces. One hole cable clips are commonly used for cable and wire management in construction, assembly lines, maintenance operations, offices, stores, warehouses and the home.

The flexible shape conforms to the size of wires and cables, giving you flexibility to create a custom and secure layout for your mounting needs. The smaller 3/8” width offering will accommodate closed diameter ranges of .125” to .500” while the larger 1/2” width offering will accommodate a closed diameter range of .125” to 1.500”. All one hole clamps are available in both Natural and UV Black color.
The lightweight nylon construction provides resistance to low and high temperatures, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor mounting applications. Black UV cable clamps are resistant to sun and outdoor elements.
Temperature resistant nylon materials are durable and strong
  • Material: Nylon 66 UL94V-2 (UL File No. E41938)
  • Temperature range: -40F to 185F (-40 to 85C)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Closed diameter range .125 (3.2 mm) inches to 1.500 (38.1 mm) inches
  • Easy to use for fast installations
  • Non-conductive, non-corrosive plastic nylon material
  • Multi-purpose installation options
  • Used for mounting harnesses, tubing, cables, wires, and more
  • Quality performance in manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and assembly line operations
  • Perfect for use in control cabinets, panels, and other general applications
  • Lightweight and durable with smooth edges for easy handling
Choose one hole clamps from Electrical Basics and you’ll have options for supporting and grouping cables, tubing and wires to create a functional wire management solution for a wide range of industrial, commercial or residential needs.


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