Pigtail Connector, Nylon Closed End 22 - 14 AWG (1000/Bag)

Pigtail Connector, Nylon Closed End 22 - 14 AWG (1000/Bag)

Item #: EBWC-19-NP-CE-2-M

Nylon Pigtail Connectors Closed End 22 Thru 14 AWG (1000/Bag)

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A Nylon Pigtail Connector for AWG 22-14 wires allow you to create a new connection of two or more electrical wires to become a new, one piece wire connection inside an electrical box. Use a closed-end pigtail connector to combine several hot wires to become one hot wire, several neutral wires to become one neutral wire, or to extend the green ground wire if grounding is needed. After the wires are inserted, the pigtail connector is crimped to create a new single wire. This wire is installed at the appropriate connection point, providing a new, and safe electrical connection.

Nylon Closed End Pigtail Connector for AWG 22-14 wires:

  • Sturdy yet flexible closed end nylon cap
  • Clear nylon insulator material for cap
  • Easy to crimp cap provides secure wire connections
  • Wire terminal cap for AWG wires
  • Can be used with stranded or solid wires
  • Resistant to current forces and vibration
  • Tin plated seamless copper inside cap
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Voltage rating: 300v
  • 1000 pc bag

  • For your personal safety, please consult with an experienced electrician if you have any reservations about handling electrical wiring.

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