Ring Terminals Nylon Insulated Red 22-18 AWG, #4-6 Stud (100/Bag)

Ring Terminals Nylon Insulated Red 22-18 AWG, #4-6 Stud (100/Bag)

Item #: EBTM-18-NR-06-C

Ring Terminals Nylon Insulated Red 22-18 AWG, #4 - 6 Stud (100/Bag)

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Nylon Ring Terminals

Red Ring Terminals, nylon insulated for 22 - 18 AWG Wires. #4-6 Stud insulated ring terminals are used to mount electrical installations to surfaces using bolts or screws. The nylon ring terminal insulation is molded over a tin-plated copper base that provides a high quality and secure wire connection. The nylon sheath provides superior insulation and better performance than vinyl ring terminals. The open end of the terminal makes it easy for wire insertion and fast, efficient crimping.

Ring Terminals nylon insulated are used for AWG wire size ranging from 22-18 gauge:

  • Red nylon insulated ring terminal for 22-18 AWG wires
  • #4 - 6 Stud
  • Industry standard color coded: RED RING TERMINAL
  • Mounts with a bolt or screw
  • Temperature rating of 221°F (105°C)
  • Voltage rating 600 volts
  • All available ring sizes are: #4-6 stud, #6-8 stud, #8-10 stud, #12 - 1/4" stud, 1/4" - 5/16" and 5/16' - 3/8" stud
  • 100/bag
  • Ready for immediate shipment

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