Snap Plugs Male Vinyl Insulated Red 22-18 AWG .156 Tab (100/Bag)

Snap Plugs Male Vinyl Insulated Red 22-18 AWG .156 Tab (100/Bag)

Item #: EBTM-18-MSPR-156-C

Snap Plugs Male Vinyl Insulated Butted Seam Red 22-18 AWG .156 Tab (100/Bag)

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Male Snap Plugs vinyl, with insulation for AWG 22-18 wires have a flared vinyl sleeve with an opening that provides fast and easy insertion of electrical wires. The male snap plug is an insulated vinyl butt seam terminal that provides excellent connectivity and durability when used in a variety of electrical applications. These quick disconnect terminals are ideal where space is limited, and the bullet shaped plug snaps into the female receptacle. Snap plug terminals can be connected and disconnected multiple times, giving you flexibility to use them in many types of electrical installations.

Red Vinyl Insulated Male Snap Plugs have a bullet shape design:
  • Open-end barrel design easily connects to female snap plugs
  • Flared opening for fast wire insertion
  • Vinyl insulated sleeve
  • Single, easy to crimp design provides excellent electrical contact
  • Color coded RED to AWG wire size 22-18
  • .156 tab
  • Butted seam design
  • Perfect for field installation & replacing system components
  • Useful when strength & flexibility are not required
  • Has excellent current flow over a wide contact area
  • Tin plated for corrosion resistance
  • 600V
  • UL approved
If you have any reservations about handling electrical wiring, it is always best to consult with an experienced electrician.
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