14 inch Cable Ties Green 100/Bag

14 inch Cable Ties Green 100/Bag

Item #: EBCT-02-02C-1450-GN

14.5"" 50 LB Green Cable Ties 100/Bag

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Standard Green Cable Ties 14.5"" length, 50lb tensile strength. 100/Bag

Green Colored Cable Ties and Green Colored Zip Ties are used for identification purposes when bundling, tagging, affixing, fastening, harnessing, organizing and managing an array of wires, cables, cords, rods, and various other items. The strong nylon material is durable and resilient when used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Green Cable Ties provide a unique color which can serve to color code, organize, and differentiate cables and wires when working on many types of projects - both big and small.

Features of Green 14.5 inch Cable Ties:

  • 14.5” (361.90mm) Long
  • .180” (4.572mm) Wide
  • .052” (1.32mm) Thick
  • 50 LB Tensile Strength
  • 4.00” Bundle Diameter
  • 100 PCS per Bag
  • Nylon 6/6 Material
  • UL Recognized / CSA Approved
  • ROHS Compliant

Green Cable Ties are easy to use and create an eye catching way to identify luggage, sporting goods, personal belongings and many other items. Green zip ties add a unique personality and pizzazz to a variety of projects, tasks and everyday uses.


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