Wing Wire Connectors - Medium Tan AWG 22 - 8  (500/Bag)

Wing Wire Connectors - Medium Tan AWG 22 - 8 (500/Bag)

Item #: EBWC-19-WC-TN-D

Wing-Type Screw-On Wire Connectors Medium Tan (500/Bag)

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Secure Electrical Splices with Wing Wire Connectors

A winged wire connector securely binds together two or more wires to create a continuous flow of electricity. The wing screw on wire connector is easier to use than other screw on connectors because of the sturdy ‘winged’ shape. This allows for more leverage when twisting the wire connector on or off the wires, thus providing more torque action when twisting wires together without breaking. The result is a long lasting, tighter, and more permanent electrical connection.

Features of the Winged Wire Connector:

• Tightly secures wire connections to prevent fire hazards
• Helps to prevents electrical short circuits, over-heating, or other faults
• UL94V-2 thermoplastic flame retardant material with temperature rating of 221° F (105° C)
• 600/300 (maximum to minimum volt usage)
• UL listed and CSA approved

Specifications of the Tan Winged Wire Connector:

• Wire range No. 22 thru No. 8 AWG
• Min 3 #22’s Max 3 #10’s
• .720” (18.3 mm) outside maximum skirt width
• 1.142” (29 mm) overall length
• 500 pieces per bag

Wing wire connectors are used to splice two or more wires together in order to create a positive and secure connection in many types of electrical applications. Using a wire connecter is a safe and effective way to modify existing wire connections, or to repair damaged wire connections.

The wing connector makes electrical repairs and installations faster to do by eliminating the need to solder wires together. To use, simply remove the specified length of insulation sheath to expose the bare copper wire ends, twist the wire ends together, and then use the screw on wing wire connector to securely hold the conducting wires in place.

The wing wire connector is available in a variety of sizes, with a color designation that represents the wire AWG range and volume of wires for which the individual connector can be used.

Wing Wire Connectors are popular with professional installers, contractors, OEM manufacturers, and Do-it-yourselfers because of the strong nylon flame retardant material, screw on design, and tight torqueing action that creates the most stable and safe electrical wire connections.

Please make sure all electricity is turned OFF before working with any electrical wires!

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