Wire Harness Clip 1/8"" (.125”) Bundle Diameter

Wire Harness Clip 1/8"" (.125”) Bundle Diameter

Item #: EBCC-04-12-125

Wire Harness Clip 1/8"" (.125”) Bundle Diameter

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Wire Harness Clips / Wire Harness Clamps Nylon

The flexible nylon wire harness clip is easy to install and is used in many types of cable and wire management applications. Wires and cables can be added or subtracted without having to remove the wire harness clips or wire harness clamp from the surface where it was originally and currently affixed. It provides installers and contractors a fast way to manage cables and wires during an installation or upgrade process.

The flexible nylon material can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, and can be re-positioned as your cable management plans change. The tough and resilient nylon molded material allows the wire harness clips to demonstrate strong spring back memory after many additions and subtractions during its useful life.

Features of the Nylon Wire Harness Clip:
• Cables or Wires are Easily Installed or Removed without Removing Clamp
• Strong Spring Back Memory after Addition or Removal of Wires and Cable
• Tough and Economical Nylon Material Offers Strong Performance
• Features 1/8” / .125” (3.2 mm) Maximum Bundle Diameter

Specifications of the 1/8 inch Wire Harness Clip:

• .750” (19.1 mm) Overall Length
• .330” (8.4 mm) Wide
• .156” (4.0 mm) Hole Diameter
• UL94V-2 (E70063) Nylon 6/6 Material
• 1000 PCS per Bag
• ROHS Compliant


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