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Urethane Bumpers Adhesive Back Cylindrical (fig.2) Black .650 inch diameter. x .40 inch diameter 250/Bag

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    Cylindrical bumpers of .650 inch diameter in black urethane are used to protect surfaces from contact, abrasion, shock, vibration, and movement. These clear round bumpers have a strong adhesive back that is easy to affix to most smooth, clean, dry surfaces. The strong adhesive means they stay put, even when moving heavy objects to prevent surface damage from scratches, skidding, and vibrations. Our material, shape, and size options provide shock absorption properties that withstands many day-to-day activities.

    Clear circular bumpers are durable and the adhesive back provides a strong, secure bond.

    • Round shape, flat surface on top
    • Material: Black Urethane
    • Adhesive: Rubber base
    • Easy to peel off backing
    • Can be repositioned and reused
    • UL Rating: 94-HB
    • RoHS Compliant: Yes
    • Temperature range: -32° TO 120° F (0° to 50° C)
    • 250/bag
    Electrical Basics has a wide range of bumper shapes, sizes, and colors in stock. You can find the right adhesive backed bumper to fit your needs and get it delivered quickly. It’s easy to protect furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces with our large selection of quality products not found in most stores.