Miniature - Colored / Fluorescent Cable Ties

Miniature colored cable ties are designed to organize and secure small components, such as cables and wires, at homes and commercial facilities. They are smaller than the standard cable ties, making them ideal for use in tight spaces. The color aspect of these cable ties is for easy identification, while the fluorescence aspect refers to their ability to glow brightly under UV lights. At Electrical Basics, we provide miniature colored and fluorescent colored cable ties/zip ties in eight solid color and five fluorescent color options. Browse our miniature colored/fluorescent cable ties collection for your electrical project.

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    Features of Miniature Colored/Fluorescent Cable Ties at Electrical Basics

    Our inventory of miniature colored cable ties stands out due to their following beneficial features.

    • Our high-quality miniature colored cable ties provide a reliable and efficient solution for organizing cables and wires in various industries.
    • These cable ties are available in different color options such as blue, brown, green, orange, pink, yellow, red, purple, and more, allowing for easy identification and color coding.
    • These cable ties are available in a length of 4.1" and 18 LB tensile strength, ensuring a strong and secure connection for your cables and wires.
    • Our cable ties are designed with locking teeth on both sides of the tie, providing a more robust connection at the head with 50% greater tensile strength than the industry standard.
    • They also feature a bent tip, making it easy to insert into the tie head and smooth radiused edges that allow for easy "slip" during pull-thru.
    • Each pack contains 100 cable ties, providing a cost-effective solution for your cable management needs.
    • These miniature colored cable ties are constructed from high-quality nylon 6/6 material, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, they are RoHS compliant, ensuring their safety and environmental friendliness.

    Applications of Miniature - Colored/Fluorescent Cable Ties

    Our miniature colored cable ties find many applications. Here are some important ones:

    • Cable Management and Organization
    • Automotive
    • Marine And Boating
    • Construction
    • Home Projects

    Our miniature colored cable ties are engineered with high tensile strength, ensuring they can withstand the demanding conditions of commercial applications. These cable ties are in bundled packages, with attractive pricing on bulk purchases. Additionally, all colored and fluorescent cable ties featured on our site are UL recognized/CSA-approved, ensuring they meet industry quality and safety requirements. We maintain an in-house ready-to-ship inventory of these cable ties, providing fast and convenient shipping for our clients. If you have any questions about these cable ties or need to share your requirements, you can reach us on phone or email.

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