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Insulated Ring Terminals

Insulated ring terminals are used to connect wiring to screws and studs. The rings are used to mount the wires, and electrical contact is made on the flat surface of a ring or spade terminal. Ring terminals are available in wire sizes ranging from 4 gauge to 22 gauge. A flared vinyl entry is designed to make inserting a wire fast & easy. Insulation is wrapped over a tin plated copper base for fire safety. Temperature ratings are up to 221°F and the voltage rating is up to 600 volts. All of our terminals are available in low quantity packs and bulk packaging options.

  • Vinyl terminals are made from tinned plated copper body and tinned copper wire support with a PVC (plastic) barrel.
  • Nylon terminals are a more rugged option over vinyl because it provides higher temperature resistance and is resistant to solvents
  • Heat shrink terminals are used where wire connections are subject to outdoor or environmental applications such as moisture and temperature differences.

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Ring Terminals