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Electrical Testers - As part of its extensive offering of electrical, electronic and fastening products Electrical Basics offers a diverse selection of basic electrical testers including battery testers, continuity testers, receptacle testers and electrical voltage testers for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Standard and unique models of battery testers, electrical voltage testers, circuit testers, receptacle testers (including a tester for ground fault and proper polarity), a multi-function digital multimeter and a unique amperage/wattage load tester highlight the product offering. Electrical Basics sells to a diverse group of customers including electricians, installers, technicians, OEM's, Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY), hobbyists and many others.

Electrical Testers

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"AmWatt" Appliance Amperage and Wattage Load Tester
Price: $32.50
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-AWTHP103 -

AmWatt Electrical Appliance Tester for Measuring Amp & Watt Loads The Am Watt appliance load tester is used to read the amps or watts of the most common cord connected household appliances and light fixtures. The tester measures the amps and watts of energy used by an individual electrical appliance so that you can match the electrical load to a compatible output source. This hand held appliance load meter instantly checks 120v electrical devices to provide an accurate digital readout from 0 –...

"Volt Snooper" Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Price: $8.88
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VSTHP101 -

The Volt Snooper is a visual and audible voltage detector used to check for live voltage in electrical outlets, extension cords, wiring installations, and load centers. The Reliance THP101 is a non-contact voltage detector that measures AC voltage to identify active, live voltage without touching live conductors. A flashing light and loud chirping signal live voltage. It can also be used to check for breaks in electrical cords. 50-60HZ Voltage connector checks for live voltage from 50 To 1,000...

Battery Tester - Professional
Price: $10.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-BT5-13 -

Analog Battery Tester is a full function, professional BT-5 model for household battery types. Uses Photo - Button and Lithium Batteries for tester functionality. The small sleek design fits into your pocket and is easy to use. Checks many battery types to make sure they are usable and reliable. Test battery types:AAA, AA, C, D, N, 3V lithium, 9 voltTests to determine if battery is chargedFast, safe, and simple to use Rigid plastic shell for long term durabilitySmall size fits in your pocket...

Battery Tester - Home and Workbench
Price: $3.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-BTE-100 -

Battery Tester for Home and Workbench Tests 9-volt, D, C, AA, AAA and N Cell Household Batteries. This handy battery tester can be used to test a variety of battery sizes, including the most typical and widely used. The tester reads the amount of voltage remaining to determine how long it will last. Fresh batteries always work best, but if you need to identify how much life remains in rarely used batteries, this simple battery tester will determine if they can, or should, be used as a safe and...

Circuit Tester - Economy
Circuit Tester - Economy EBTT-17-VTE-100
Price: $1.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VTE-100 -

Basic Economy Circuit Tester 90 to 500 Volts AC/DC with Insulated Finger Probes. You'll need to use circuit tester tools to if you plan to install surface wiring in the home. Our basic economy circuit tester can be used for testing both AC/DC current of 90 to 500 volts. Attached to the digital circuit reader are insulated finger probes that make testing live circuits safe from spikes and exposure from electrical current that is present.Economical circuit tester for the homeCan be used for...

Circuit Tester 4-Way
Circuit Tester 4-Way EBTT-17-VT-4WY
Price: $3.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VT-4WY -

Circuit Tester 4-Way Volt Tester 100-220-277-460 AC Volts with Insulated Finger Probes. A four-way circuit tester is designed to read 100v, 220v, 277v and 460v of AC/DC electrical current. Each test can be dedicated to the actual current required, giving you an accurate reading of the amount of current that is present. Insulated finger probes provide safety from electrical current when circuit testing is administered. Can determine the amount electrical current that is present or if a circuit...

Continuity Tester
Continuity Tester EBTT-17-CT-VI
Price: $3.15
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-CT-VI -

A continuity test is used to check an electrical circuit to determine if electrical current is flowing. A continuity tester is used to test the source of electrical power and determine if a complete circuit is established between test leads. This pocket-size continuity tester is fast and easy to use, and can determine if electrical cords, fuses, light bulbs, and ground continuity are safe. Inexpensive & easy to useTests Cords, Fuses, Light Bulbs & Ground ContinuityTests for adequate electrical...

Receptacle Tester 3-Wire
Price: $4.88
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-RT-CA -

Receptacle Tester 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer 110-125V AC Tests for Proper Receptacle Wiring, including Polarity. A receptacle outlet tester is used to verify that electrical wiring in an AC wall outlet working properly. The outlet tester is a power plug can perform many tests by plugging it into an outlet checking the current through a series of lights all at once. The receptacle outlet tester determines whether the outlet has power connected, and that the outlet is wired properly for safe...

Receptacle Outlet GFCI Tester
Price: $8.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-GFI-CA -

These Circuit Tester / Outlet Analyzers can serve to let users know when safe or unsafe wiring conditions are present, including proper GFCI wiring function.Detects Five Common Wiring Problems in Standard Outlets with Ground. Includes Ground Fault Circuit Test Button Feature. UL Recognized/ CSA Approved. Tests: Standard 3-prong Outlets GFCI Outlets Energized extension cords Simply Plug In To View Light Pattern on Tester for Wiring Condition.Please Note: For Use on 110-125 VAC Receptacles Only!...

Receptacle Outlet GFCI Tester 5 pack
Price: $39.90
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-GFI-CA-5PK -

These Circuit Tester / Outlet Analyzers can serve to let users know when safe or unsafe wiring conditions are present, including proper GFCI wiring function. Detects Five Common Wiring Problems in Standard Outlets with Ground.  Includes Ground Fault Circuit Test Button Feature.  UL Recognized/ CSA Approved.  Tests:  Standard 3-prong Outlets,  GFCI Outlets,  Energized extension cords.  Simply Plug In To View Light Pattern on Tester for Wiring Condition. ...

Circuit Tester/Screwdriver
Price: $1.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VT-SDT -

Screwdriver Circuit Tester for reading 80 to 250 Volts AC/DC. A screwdriver circuit tester is handy for wall plate screws, wiring device screws, and wiring device release tabs. It can read electrical current when used as a screwdriver, saving you time and aggravation. A screwdriver circuit tester fits securely in your hand and helps you to read electrical current from 80 volts to 250 volts AC/DC. It’s a safe, reliable, and economical way to use two tools at once!Screwdriver tests voltage from...

Electrical Non-Contact Current Detector
Price: $8.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VT-NC-BZ -

Non-Contact Electrical Current Detector for 50 - 600V lets you read AC electrical current in a quick and simple way. It has a buzzer alert to let you know when a successful reading is completed. A non-contact detector is used to detect electrical current even through shielded cable, metal boxes, and conduit. Perfect for detecting electrical current in wires, outlets, switches, cables, cords, and appliances in standard and low voltage current applications. Non-contact detects AC voltage for 50...

Voltage/Continuity Tester - Solenoid
Price: $14.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EBTT-17-VT-SOL -

Solenoid Voltage/Continuity Tester Tests Volts 120-600V AC/DC - Continuity. This easy to use tester has Vibe/LED/Buzz Alerts to let you know if the electricity output has changed or is in need of attention. This solenoid voltage continuity tester is rugged, and can resist damage with rough handling or electrical overload. The voltage tester uses vibration and sound to indicate the amount of electrical current passing through it. This sensitivity means the tester can be felt as well as read,...

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