Cable Tie Arrowhead Hole Mount Base, Natural (fig. 3) For 18-50 lb. ties (500/Bag)

Cable Tie Arrowhead Hole Mount Base, Natural (fig. 3) For 18-50 lb. ties (500/Bag)

Item #: EBCT-02-52-50

Arrowhead Hole Mount Base Natural for 18-50 Lb. Cable Ties

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Arrowhead Cable Tie Hole Mount Base for 18-50 lb cable ties are clips used in low-profile installation applications where cables and wires need to have flexibility and movement. Some of the many applications where installing cables and wires with an arrowhead cable tie mounting base include fiber optic cables, electronics, and electrical installations in small or tight spaces. The arrowhead cable tie mount has a low-profile design and uses screws for mounting onto surfaces. The arrowhead feature allows cables and wires to move freely inside the sturdy nylon clip, and the arrowhead design helps to reduce the strain on cables and wires in many types of installation applications.

Easy to use Arrowhead Cable Tie Mounts

  • Arrowhead mounting base for cables and wires that need to move
  • Reduces cable stress on electrical installations
  • For 18-50 lb cable ties / zip ties
  • Short, low profile design
  • Useful for routing cables and wires
  • Helps to protect cable and wires from abrasion
  • Natural Nylon 6.6 material
  • 500 pc bag

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