Screw-On Wire Connectors, Standard, Medium - Orange (500/Bag)

Screw-On Wire Connectors, Standard, Medium - Orange (500/Bag)

Item #: EBWC-19-SC-OR-D

Standard Screw-On Wire Connectors Medium-Orange (500/Bag)

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Orange Screw-on connectors are ideal for connecting AWG wires together. These twist on connectors are used to connect two or more electrical wires in a variety of applications. The flame retardant thermoplastic shell makes it fast and easy to connect multiple wire conductors. To use, strip off the wire insulation from the wire ends, twist wires together, and then insert into the wire connector. Electrical continuity is achieved and maintained when the twisted wire ends come into contact with the spiral metal spring insert inside the connector.

These screw on connectors are also referred to as twist on connectors, cone connectors, thimble connectors, and wire nuts. Screw on wire connectors are widely used in commercial, residential and industrial wiring applications.

Orange Screw on Connectors, Medium:

  • Medium Screw-on, twist on Wire Connectors support 300V/105*C
  • Thermoplastic rigid cap is strong and durable
  • Metal spring assembled inside shell conducts electricity
  • Color coded for wire ranges: 22 through 14 AWG
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • UL 94V-2 Flame Rated material
  • UL Listed for a variety of wire combinations
  • Flame retardant shell is rated to 105* (221° F)
  • Ribbed shell provides a non-slip twist grip
  • Can be used with stranded or solid wires
  • 300V maximum
  • Quick and easy to install by hand
  • Easy to remove for future modifications
  • Not for outdoor or underground use
  • Do not use with aluminum wires
  • 500 pcs/bag

For a faster wiring method, use our Wing Wire Connector

It is important to choose the right size connector to accommodate your exact wiring situation. If you have electricity questions or need electrical wiring advice, please contact a professional electrician.

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