Cable Tie Mount Base Screw On, Natural Nylon for #10 screw (500/Bag) (fig 1)

Cable Tie Mount Base Screw On, Natural Nylon for #10 screw (500/Bag) (fig 1)

Item #: EBCT-02-11-20

Nylon Cable Tie Mount Base Screw-On (fig. 1) (500/Bag)

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Cable Tie Mount Base Screw-On for #10 screws are used to mount wire or cables onto surfaces such as walls, ceilings, panels, floors or into a harness. A nylon cable tie can be quickly and easily attached to the screw on cable tie mount to provide more stability and security for electrical installations. The cable tie screw on mount gives you flexibility to add, remove, and adjust cables and wires to create custom wire and cable installation options.

Screw in Cable Tie Mounting Base

  • used to secure cable ties / zip ties
  • mounting hole for # 10 screw
  • nylon 6.6 material in natural color for high temp. indoor environments
  • an affordable, safe, and secure cable management solution
  • added support for cable and wire installations
  • nylon material is resistant to oil, grease, salt, and wont break down
  • can withstand temperatures up to 125° F (52° C)
  • 500 pc bag

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