Yellow Butt Splice Connectors Nylon Insulated 12-10 AWG (100/Bag)

Yellow Butt Splice Connectors Nylon Insulated 12-10 AWG (100/Bag)

Item #: EBTM-18-NBY-1210-C

Yellow Butt Splice Connectors Nylon Insulated 12-10 AWG (100/Bag)

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Yellow Nylon Insulated Butt Splice Connectors for 12-10 gauge AWG wires. The nylon sheath material is a more rugged option over vinyl sheath butt splicers because it is can sustain higher temperatures and is resistant to solvents. The straight insulator end opening supports a maximum strength connection.

The butt splice is a compression crimp connector that provides a safe and secure way to connect two same gauge electrical wires to create a continuous flow of electricity. This compression type connection is a fast and easy way to connect two opposing end wires to become one seamless, and effective wiring solution. Nylon Insulated Butt Splicers are fast and easy to install, and provide a safe connection that can last as long as other methods of electrical connection on most applications.

Yellow Nylon Butt Connectors for 12-10 gauge AWG wires:

  • Splices two opposing ends of the same gauge wire
  • Provides higher connectivity
  • Sustains electrical current passing through it
  • Typically used for small wires
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Crimp feature provides a secure connection
  • Insulated nylon sheath
  • Economical option
  • Handles up to 600v
  • Approved to UL/CUL standards
  • Designed for copper cable
  • Withstands higher temperatures than vinyl sheath
  • Tin plated to resist corrosion
  • 100 pc / bag

If you have any reservations about handling electrical wiring, it is always best to consult with an experienced electrician.

Contact the customer support staff at Electrical Basics with any questions you have in determining which butt splice connector or other electrical terminal to use for your specific application. We provide a wide variety of options, and our products are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment!


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