Cable Clamp Snap Clip, natural nylon, bundle diameter .217-.315 inch  500/bag

Cable Clamp Snap Clip, natural nylon, bundle diameter .217-.315 inch 500/bag

Item #: EBCC-04-10-70

Cable Clamp Snap Clip Nylon .217 - .315 in bundle diameter 500/Bag

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Nylon Cable Clamp has a snap clip feature for bundling and securing cables, cords, and wires. These snap on cable clips allow you to quickly fasten and release the clip in one easy step. Used as a cable management solution, these snap clip cable clips route and secure wires, cables, and cord bundles to walls, ceilings, furniture, beams, and floors. There are two flexible compression bars located inside the clip that tightly fit and secure a variety of bundle sizes.

Snap Clip Cable Clamps create bundles to create a Cable Management Solution:

  • Bundle diameter size: .217-.315 inch (5.5-8.0 mm)
  • Great for managing cable, wires, and cords
  • Snap close cable clip join and stabilize bundles
  • Protects bundles from abrasion and heat
  • Reduces tangling
  • Keeps bundles in a determined path
  • Releasable & reusable
  • Fasten and release clip by hand
  • Material: Natural Nylon UL94V-2 (nylon 6)
  • Snap in Snap on clips are fast and easy to use
  • 500/bag

Electrical Basics is a leading provider of cable management solutions for professionals and the general public. Our quality products are durable and strong enough to provide a long-lasting cable management solution in many applications. All our products are in stock and ready for immediate shipment!


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