Color Cable Ties & Fluorescent Cable Ties

Color cable ties and Fluorescent cable ties / zip ties in multiple sizes such as miniature, standard and long lengths (4.1"" to 14.5"") in four tensile strengths. Choose single color or multi-color bags.

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    Colored and Fluorescent Zip Ties are widely used in professional and at home cable and wire management installations. Choosing colors for each application before you begin an installation makes it easy to create, and maintain an organized cable or wire installation plan. And, it is a great idea to have a wide variety of colors, lengths, and tensile strength cable ties on hand so that you have the right one you need for each situation you encounter.

    A chart of your color coding will make it fast and easy to provide ongoing maintenance to your equipment. Our indoor and outdoor cable ties are available in white and UV black cable ties as well. When it comes to using cable ties and zip ties as a home theater wire management solution, or for securing cables and wire to surfaces, you will find that having multiple color options makes the job fast and easy to do!

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